Welcome to my new blog! I’m a software engineer and tech writer. I originally went to school for hardware. Ever since I was a little kid I ripped apart all of my electronic toys (… and a few appliances …). Like every engineer I wanted to find out how they worked. But I also wanted to use the parts to build robots. Or at least parts of robots – like a mechanical arm.

Dream Job

My first job out of college was for an industrial robot factory. Unfortunately a lot of those jobs went offshore. So I had to make the jump to software to survive. But I never forgot my roots.

Fast Forward a Few Decades

When the Arduino Uno came out I bought a starter kit. I finally jumped on the Raspberry Pi when the 3 came out. As you can see from the featured image I just received a new Pi Zero. My plan is to use those devices as the core of my robot projects. I plan to document my work here.

Follow Me!

Besides this blog I’ll be posting updates on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to follow me!