How to Cross Compile for Raspberry Pi

    I prefer to write code on my Mac and then push it to the Pi. That way I don’t have to try to find the Pi version of development tools and editors that I like to use. It also keeps junk off the Pi leaving it lean and mean. This is fine for interpreted languages. But when I want to write code in C or C++ this becomes a problem.

    How to Stream the PiCamera to your Browser

    When I received my Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera I wanted to try it out on a headless Pi 3. The problem is that the camera doesn’t display anything when you connect over VNC or Remote Desktop. Sure I could have hooked up a monitor, keyboard and mouse. But how is that going to help me when I want to build something like a wireless crittercam?

    How to backup your Pi

    I’ve heard many stories of drones, Pi-based and not, flying off never to be seen again. You wouldn’t want to lose 6 months worth of work would you? Fortunately, there is a command line tool that you can use to copy images from the SD card. That way if you lose your Pi or the SD card is corrupted, you have a backup.

    Follow me while I build some bots!

    Welcome to my new blog! I’m a software engineer and tech writer. I originally went to school for hardware. Ever since I was a little kid I ripped apart all of my electronic toys (… and a few appliances …). Like every engineer I wanted to find out how they worked. But I also wanted to use the parts to build robots.