The first field test of my Raspberry Pi Zero W driven Desert Bot

This site was created so I could share my work with other electronic, robotic and smart home automation hobbyists. Do you want to learn how to build smart gadgets that light up and move? Want to learn how to use a Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano or Arduino, but don’t know where to start? Turn your house into a Smart Home? Then this site is for you!

What do I know about robotics?

  • As a kid I used to take apart all my toys and use the parts to create robots. It’s been a lifelong fascination.
  • I was inspired by my grandfather who worked for the MIT Radiation Lab (radlab) in the 40’s and specialized in electronics.
  • I studied Medical Electronics Engineering at the Franklin Institute of Boston.
  • My first job after college was in a robotics factory. The robots featured an arm that traveled along a z-axis to move silicon wafers in hostile conditions (acid, heat).
  • After many year working on cloud-based software projects I now work on cloud-based robots. The robots are AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) that assist warehouse workers in picking, packing, replenishing and sorting products in fulfillment centers and even grocery stores.

Besides this blog, look for posts on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Be sure to follow for updates!

How to contact me

The best way to get my attention is by leaving a public comment on one of my Instragram posts. You can try DM’ing me through Twitter. But I get so much noise on there I may not notice your message right away. The same goes for DM’s on Instragram.

Mitch Allen