How to Build an Arduino Uno Robot (Free Course)

A free course on how to build an Arduino Uno robot. No registration or email required.

This course is being presented as a series of blog posts. Think of each post as a lesson within the course. This page will act as a living syllabus. I will update it as I add more posts / lessons for the course.

For updates and comments, follow the Arduino board on Pinterest.

As you move through the course, feel free to add photos of your project to the related pictures on the Pinterest board (look for the Add Photo button on each pin).

Module 1: Build Your First Robot

In this first module you will learn how to select the hardware for your robot. Then I will instruct you on how to assemble it. Finally I will show you how to test the robot using what’s known as a motion loop.

Module 2: Robot Class

In this module you will learn how to take the motion loop code and turn it into a robot class library. Later I will show you how to expand on that library to add more features.

The Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 used in the robot has a built in IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). To get to know how it works, I’ll show you how to read the values by building a monitor class library.

Module 3: (Coming Soon!)

When I add more content, I’ll be sure to post a pin on the Arduino board on Pinterest. Watch that board for updates!

About the Author

Mitch Allen has worked for software companies in Silicon Valley, along Boston’s Route 128 and in New York’s Silicon Alley. He currently works for a robotics company in Massachusetts.