Raspberry Pi Resource Guide

In this resource guide you will find a list of recommended links and hardware for working with the Raspberry Pi.

List of Articles

Here is a list of this sites most popular articles related to the Raspberry Pi:


Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 3

Pi Zero

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 4

Pi Zero WH

If you would like to start simple and do some hardware interfacing (switches, LEDs, etc), I would recommend starting with a Raspberry Pi WH. The H stands for “header” - the pins soldered to the GPIO pins.


Some fans will work with an existing heatsink, others won’t. Always read the product details before buying.

Power Supply with Switch


If you have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ or lower you can power it with a microUSB power supply (the Raspberry Pi 4 requires USB-C). I like this microUSB power supply from CanaKit that comes with a switch.


Micro SD Card with Adapter

You will need a Micro SD Card with an adapter. I recommend buying at least a few. For simple projects you can probably get by with at least an 8GB card. For larger cards I like the SanDisk Extreme series.


Battery Operation

See my related article: How to Power a Raspberry Pi from Rechargeable Batteries


For more information on Raspberry Pi standoffs, see my article:

Soldering Iron