Setup Pi Zero W Headless Wifi

    This article covers the Pi Zero W. If you have an older Pi Zero 1.3, see my article Setup Pi Zero Wifi.

    SSH into Pi Zero over USB

    UPDATE: This article now covers the new security change that disables ssh access by default. The Raspian image version has also been updated. When you first get a Pi Zero the big question is – how do you access it? You can get a powered USB hub, USB keyboard, USB mouse and HDMI adapter. Or you can just plug it into your computer directly and access it over USB using ssh.

    Setup Pi Zero WiFi

    To connect my Pi Zero 1.3 over WiFi I ordered an adapter from AdaFruit. The white cable in the picture is a Micro-USB adapter. Before you can get the WiFi to work, you need to connect to the Pi Zero so that you can edit a file. Because there is only one USB port, you need to look at a few options.

    How to Drive a Stepper Motor with RaspiRobot v3

    Stepper motors are motors that step through their rotation. How far the motor shaft rotates is determined by the motors step angle (for example, 1.8 degrees). This offers finite control that make them popular in robotics, 2D and 3D printers, plotters, etc. I’m going to walk you through using a RaspiRobot v3 board attached to a Raspberry Pi 3 to control a stepper motor.

    How to Control a Servo Array with NodeJS

    Recently I wrote an article titled How to Control an Arduino Uno with NodeJS ( In it I discussed how to control an LED over HTTP using an Arduino hooked up to a host using NodeJS and the johnny-five library. In this article I’m going to expand on that to show how to use a similar technique to control a couple of micro servos.